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Practical Blacksmithing

Compiled and Edited by: M. T. Richardson

M. T. Richardson's four classic books on blacksmithing are back in print, in two easy-to-handle volumes. Together, these books provide an invaluable basic resource for the modern day practitioner of this ancient craft. The carriage owner or restorer can, with Richardson's help, understand how pieces were originally made and fitted together, and how they can be replicated today. The tool user and collector will relish the discovery of old tools and equipment, some no longer available commercially, or even in use today. Historians and Americana enthusiasts will be able to glimpse the past with a better understanding of the mindset and aesthetics of an earlier time. And the blacksmith, through Richardson'e emphasis on technique and craftsmanship, and his straight forward prose and illustrations, will be better able to understand smithing's central processes. Part One ... Begins with an account of the tools and equipment of blacksmithing and continues with shop plans, diagrams demonstrating various smithing techniques, and discussions of iron and steel. Finally, there are detailed, yet simple, practical descriptions of smithing's central processes, including drilling, fullering and swaging. Fully illustrated, 6" x 9", 528 pp. soft-cover ...... Sold ... $20.00

Part Two ... Guides the reader through descriptions of more of the central smithing processes: Welding, brazing, soldering. forging, cutting, bending, setting and tempering. It will be of particular interest to those working on carriages, as it includes information on how to work with such things as carriage irons, wagons, tires, horseshoes, axles and springs ... and how to make a bobsled., 6" x 9", 608 pp. soft-cover ...... Sold ... $20.00