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TURNING LATHES: A Guide to Turning, Screw Cutting, Metal Spinning & Ornamental Turning

by: James Lukin

Frank Knox referred to James Lukin (1827-1917) as one of the outstanding ornamental turners of the modern period, and considered his books second only to those of Holtzapffel in usefulness, clarifying much of what Holtzapffel left unclear. This reprint contains both the 1894 expanded edition of Turning Lathes and the 200 page 1896 Britannia Company catalog that lists and illustrates all types of lathes and lathe equipment, as well as other quality machine tools. Lukin, in the over 200 page narrative section, covers turning tools, hardwood turning, metal turning with hand tools, slide test work in metal, the self-acting lathe, chuck-making, turning square sections, screw cutting, metal spinning, description of Beddow's (combined) epicycloidal, rose cutting, eccentric cutting, drilling, fluting and vertical cutting, the eccentric chuck, the dome or spherical chuck, the goniostat, the oval or ellipse chuck, and much other fascinating information. Now available once again after almost 100 years. 432 pages. 6" x 9 1/4". Fully illustrated. Soft cover. ..................$20.00