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Vintage Woodworking Machinery, An Illustrated Guide to Four Manufacturers

by: Dana M. Batory

Here is a guide to four of the major woodworking machinery manufacturers: Fay & Egan, Yates-American, Defiance, and Oliver. Leaders in their field throughout the world, their products were used in all walks of life from lumber mills to furniture factories, from schools to arsenals, from shipyards to bakeries. The author's extensive original research has provided us with a history of each manufacturer, as well as a description of the evolution of its product lines over the years. Accompanying these fascinating histories are numerous beautiful illustrations reflecting each company's range of products, along with specifications and descriptions, taken from the catalogs of the period. in addition, the book provides invaluable information to collectors and users on buying and restoring old machines. These chapters cover everything from establishing the age and value of an old machine to how to move a piece of heavy woodworking equipment. Special attention is paid to the issues involved in repairing specific kinds of machines. Not only will collectors and users of vintage woodworking machinery prize this book but, as well, those who are simply interested in industrial history and who don't want this marvelous technology to be lost. 145 pages. 8 1/2" X 11". Soft cover. .......... Sold