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Wooden Plow Planes

A Celebration of the Planemaker's Art,

By Don Rosebrook & Dennis Fisher

Here is a great new book on wooden plow planes.

This book is the culmination of over two years of extensive research and serves as a excellent reference source for collectors and dealers, as well as industrial historians and curators. It features, among other things

  • Galleries of nuts and fence moldings for identification purposes
  • Special sections on the Greenfield Tool Company, the Ohio Tool Company and planemaking at the New York Auburn Prison
  • A special section on a modern planemaker and his work
  • Many interesting examples of craftsman-made planes
  • Finely detailed examples of the use of ivory tips and nuts, silver trim,and the use of woods such as rosewood, ebony and boxwood.
  • Approximately 200 beautifully photographed planes illuminate, in full color, the extroadinarily high level of craftsmanship involved in the planes' fabrication, showing in clear and close-up detail inlays of silver, bone, ivory and rare woods. Rosebrook provides full descriptions of all the planes contained in the book. Numerous one-of-a-kind examples are also highlighted and displayed. Super detail pictures show the characteristic features of the specific makers. Thousands of color illustrations. 8 1/2" x11", 322 pp. hard-cover ... $50.00