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Antique Tools For Sale ... Click On One Of The Following Antique Tool Categories: These are now lists with no pictures, for quicker loading, except for the Showcase, which has pictures on the page. Click on Picture to see one. I try to keep them updated, and frequently add new tools.

Antique Tools For Sale Pages...

Showcase Some interesting tools with pictures that you might like.
Planes Metallic and Wooden Planes
Spoke Shaves and Beaders
Edge Tools , Axes and hatchets, Drawknives, Chisels & Slicks, Carving Tools
Saws , Saws and lots of tools for sharpening hand saws and two-man saws (cross cuts)
Levels and Plumb Bobs
Braces and Boring Tools Braces, Bits, Hollow Augers, Spoke Pointers, Angle Devices, Push Drills and Screwdrivers
Measuring Tools Squares, Bevel Squares, Marking Gauges, Machinist Tools and Rules
Wrenches & Hammers
Miscellaneous Tools
Tool Handles
Bargain Bin
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Guarantee: The tools I offer are guaranteed to your satisfaction. Since these are unique offerings, a timely e-mail message or phone call will reserve the tool until payment. They may be returned within 7 days of purchase if in same condition as purchased. Please e-mail or call me before returning a tool.