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Roger Smith published Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes in America, 1827-1927, Volume I in 1981. Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes in America,Volume II, which was published in 1992, contains all the new information uncovered since the Volume I. These companion volumes contain an exaustive amount of research, are full of illustrations in black & white and color, and loaded with information. Both are true classics, and highly recommended. Not only are they are essential to identifying American planes and understanding their history, but it is awe-inspiring to look at these beautiful tools, and learn about their history.


by Roger K. Smith,

1981. 8 ½" x 1 1 ", hardcover. This book covers the basic information on patented planes. 340 pages, and 350 superb photos--41 in full color. Important information on Bailey and Stanley, their competitors such as Sargent, Ohio Tool Co. And Millers Falls.Extensive information on all of the other early designers and producers of planes in America, with biographical data and photos of many inventors and manufacturers. Production Type Studies for Stanley planes. Rare plane catalogs reproduced. ....

I have some copies of the first printing of the second edition that are brand-new. I got them from the author. They had an illustrated dust jacket, but these never had the dust jacket put on. Same information, just no dust jacket. I will sell this one with Vol. II for ..... $250.00
Media mail with insurance will be about $9.00 for shipping.
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by Roger K. Smith,

1992. 8 ½" x 1 1 ", hardcover, 400 pages. Over 450 photos--44 in full color. Over 50 pages of new information on Stanley and Bailey planes, and updates of information on other early makers. All planemakers up to 1960, including Millers Falls, Shelton, Vaughan & Bushnell, Phelps, etc. List of Brand Names of all the American planes which includes information on who manufactured them, and a list of all known U.S. plane and spokeshave patents. ALL NEW INFORMATION ( NOT A REVISED VOL. I) ..... $85.00