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American Levels and Their Makers

American Levels and Their Makers, Vol I, New England

by: Don Rosebrook

Here is the first volume of the long-awaited book on levels, from the leading expert on one of tool collecting's most important and fastest growing areas. The author's meticulous research covers over 80 companies and individuals that made and/or sold levels in New England. For each maker, Dr. Rosebrook provides historical background and a full discussion of the maker's product lines, accompanied by hundreds of photographs, and, where possible, an indication of the level's rarity. Also included are:

The levels photographed for this volume come from collections all over the United States, and include several interesting and beautiful craftsman-made pieces. The only book of its kind, American Levels and Their Makers fills a large void of tool identification and is an absolute must for the tool collector. 297 pages, 8 1/2 X 11 inches, approximately 600 illustrations, 84 in color. Hard cover ............ sale ... $35.00