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Directory Of American Tool Makers

Directory Of American Tool Makers

Robert E. Nelson, Editor


This Directory is the first extensive listing of early American toolmakers ever published. A massive volume of more than 1100 pages, it contains listings for more than 14,000 American toolmakers who worked before 1900.

The listings contain the maker's name, working location, working dates, birth and death dates, types of tools produced, notes on variations in maker marks or brand names used, patent information,and other entries that relate specific details of the maker's products.

This book will be invaluable for tool collectors and dealers as well as those interested in American history. It is twice as big as the original draft directory published 10 years ago, and contains much more information. I have found it very rewarding to find the name of a maker if it is not completely legible on a tool, or whether the mark is indeed the maker. The Directory is cross-referenced by state and city, which helps find the maker if only a town and state name is on the tool.

1170 pages, 8 1/2 X 11 inches, soft cover ............ $65.00 Note: This one is so big that postage will be $6.50